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  1. Noori S, Wijnands C, Langerhorst P, Nadal S, Bonifay V, Stingl C, Touzeau C, Luider TM, Dejoie T, Jacobs JFM, VanDuijn MM. "Minimal Residual Disease Monitoring By Targeted Mass Spectrometry Allows Early Relapse Detection in Multiple Myeloma.” Blood (Supplement 1) 2022, 140, 2349. ASH | DOI | PDF | Full paper.

Journal articles

  1. Langerhorst P, Baerenfaenger M, Kulkarni P, Nadal S, Wijnands C, Post MA, Noori S, vanDuijn MM, Joosten I, Dejoie T, vanGool AJ, Gloerich J, Lefeber D, Wessels HJCT, Jacobs JFM. "N-linked glycosylation of the M-protein variable region: Glycoproteogenomics reveals a new layer of personalized complexity in multiple myeloma.” Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) 2024. PubMed | DOI | PDF.

  2. Lechner S, Malgapo MIP, Gräz C, Baron A, Rüther P, Nadal S, Tittgen C, Loos C, Ku X, Prokofeva P, Lautenbacher L, Heimburg T, Würf V, Meng C, Wilhelm M, Sippl W, Kleigrewe K, Pauling J, Kramer K, Pfaffl M, Linder ME, Kuster B, Médard G. “Target deconvolution of HDAC pharmacopoeia highlights MBLAC2 as common off-target.” Nature Chemical Biology 2022, 18, 812. PubMed | DOI | PDF.

  3. Josephson B*, Fehl C*, Isenegger P*, Nadal S, Wright TH, Pho AWJ, Bower BJ, Giltrap AM, Chen L, Batchelor-McAuley C, Roper G, Arisa O, Sap JBI, Kawamura A, Baldwin AJ, Mohammed S, Compton RG, Gouverneur V, Davis BG. “Light-driven post-translational installation of reactive protein side chains.” Nature 2020, 585, 530-537. PubMed | DOI | PDF.

  4. Draxler W, Bauer M, Eickmeier C, Nadal S, Nar H, Rangel Rojas D, Seeliger D, Zeeb M, Fiegen D. “Hybrid screening approach for very small fragments: X-ray and computational screening on FKBP51.” Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2020, 63, 5856-5864. PubMed | DOI | PDF.

  5. Nadal S, Raj R, Mohammed S, Davis BG. “Synthetic post-translational modification of histones.” Current Opinions in Chemical Biology 2018, 45, 35-47. PubMed | DOI | PDF.

Patent applications

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  1. Isenegger PG, Davis BG, Josephson B, Gouverneur V, Fehl C, Poh AWJ, Giltrap AM, Nadal S, Zeng Y, Sap J, Arisa O. "Photoredox protein modification." WO/2022/013564. WIPO | EPO.